quick tips: within function assignment and specific object removal

If you’re familiar with the faster iterations on objects such as lapply, sapply, or apply for matrices, you might get surprised that the function call saves new assignments only locally.

# to assign global variable within function use "<<-" operator
lapply(1:10, function(i) {
    if (i != 1) {
        global.var <<- global.var + i; return(NULL)
    } else {
        global.var <<- i; return(NULL)

# 55

# another neat trick is the multiple assignment to objects
global.var -> global.var.A -> global.var.B
global.var == global.var.B


One of my favorite lines in R comes from the fact the language environment devours the memory. To focus on particular objects (such as when you need to save it as *.rda), replace the search term within grepl function for the one that you wish to keep.

# "global.var"   "global.var.A" "global.var.B"

rm(list = ls()[!grepl("global.var.A", ls())])

# refresh memory

#  "global.var.A"

Cheers, mintgene.


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